Mind Your Ps and Qs and Grammar in Your Blog Posts

Does correct spelling and grammar really matter to Google?

In this video, Google’s expert, Matt Cutts says, both no and yes about whether poor spelling and grammar will affect your blog’s search ranking. Google does look at the quality of your blog posts as part of your overall ranking. However, he explains, spelling and grammar are not major influencers for Google now, for a variety of reasons.

On the other hand, bloggers who are careful with editing their posts and pages for correct spelling and grammar tend to naturally rank higher, because they respect their readers enough to give them the best possible content and user experience. In turn, readers are more likely to bookmark, like and tweet about well written posts.

Watch Matt Cutts explain more about the merits of careful editing of your posts and web pages.

What do you think?

Do misspelled words turn you off? Do you cringe when you read poorly written content? Or does the thought count more than the way it’s written? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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2 Responses to Mind Your Ps and Qs and Grammar in Your Blog Posts

  1. Andrew Opala says:

    There are really two questions here: (1) does spelling matter to YOUR users, and (2) does Google rank you differently if your spelling is poor.

    I think if you reach your audience by writing skule instead of school, or #$%^ instead of ^&*(, then you have to make your site for your audience and not worry about Google rankings. Google currently does not profile their search users to the extent that Amazon does. So dyslectics searching for their favorite sites, may still have to hit next a few times on Google to get what they want.

    If you just want a good ranking on Google, you may need to make your content more mainstream and this may hamper your product offering.

    Good SEO is: let’s sell what you have, in the most effective way possible.
    Bad SEO is: let’s change your offering a bit so that it ranks better.

    • I would agree with your point, Andrew, that Good SEO is about selling or providing information in the most effective way possible. I think, too, Matt Cutts would agree. Certainly, too, the consumers of your products. I do believe, though, that good, clear writing can appeal even to those who spell school “skule”.

      I’m not saying necessarily to write for the mainstream. (Although the mainstream may just have more money to buy your products.) If you’ve got a niche and you know what they need and want, then that’s what you want to provide in your content. I

      t’s also important to be authentic. Writing content specifically for search engines is so artificial and sad. It’s like not writing a blog post because it won’t have the “right” keywords to rank well in search, or starting a business based on keywords instead of a great idea.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hope you will keep coming back to share more of your ideas.

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